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product measurement : 50cm x 50cm

Immerse yourself in the artistry of Persian craftsmanship with the Khatam Backgammon Set, a stunning fusion of skillful marquetry and cultural heritage. This exquisite backgammon set is a testament to the intricate Khatam technique, an ancient Persian art form known for its meticulous inlay work and geometric patterns.

The game board, crafted with precision, showcases a symphony of tiny triangles, squares, and polygons meticulously arranged in mesmerizing designs. The rich blend of natural wood tones, complemented by vibrant colors, creates a visual masterpiece that is both elegant and captivating.

The playing pieces, carefully carved and polished, embody the attention to detail that defines the Khatam tradition. Each piece is a work of art on its own, adding a touch of sophistication to the gaming experience. The precision and craftsmanship involved in creating this backgammon set make it a true collector's item.

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